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Our story

The Comptoir Parisien restaurant is above all a love story. A romance between a couple of Parisian and Lisbon restaurateurs. One look was enough for the charm to be revealed and for passion to be born.

Seduction did the rest...



It is true that Lisbon is the only European capital by the sea. It is also true that the beauty of the Portuguese capital, its almost ideal climate, and the famous warmth of the Portuguese made the approach between LX and a couple of Parisian restaurateurs with more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant business in Paris even easier.


The stress, noise and inevitable craziness of the City of Light eventually led us to discover other horizons. And all it took was a short trip to Lisbon

a short trip to Lisbon for us to choose lesions as a refuge.

And that's how Belém became "THE" place where we could combine our clients' pleasure with our own.

A miracle happened in Lisbon. A birth. Life took shape. Le Comptoir Parisien was born. The restaurant that we mark with our mutual signatures. Ours, as restaurant professionals. And yours, with customers eager to discover new flavours and authentic, tasty cuisine.



The team

La Salle


Gilles & Nicole


The Chef

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